cindi-aboutCindi Lee came to LA from Cleveland, to take her acting/modeling career to the next level. As an actress, yoga was the closest class Cindi could find that resembled her movement classes in college.  In a very short time Cindi fell in love with yoga and knew she had to do more in that field.  She began taking more yoga classes and learned about the amazing health benefits of yoga, Cindi was hooked.  Coming from a family with health issues ranging from high blood pressure, chronic pain, and stress, it became clear to Cindi that her mission was to assist people in their health and well being through yoga.  During 6 weeks of jury duty Cindi began teaching yoga poses to her fellow jurors on their breaks, after a few days the results and smiles started rolling in.

Cindi had become a triple threat – acting, modeling, and now yogi.  Realizing yoga was her true passion; she became a full time yoga instructor at Blackdog Yoga Studio.  Cindi expanded her teachings to some of Hollywood’s elite actors and production companies, such as DreamWorks and Ideal Living Management.  Today Cindi also leads special yoga events, workshops, private sessions, and International Yoga Retreats.  Her classes are fundynamic, and transformative.


Cindi’s weekly yoga practice consists of Shadow Yoga, Taoist Yoga, and QiGong.  Shadow Yoga reflects common principles found in yoga, Indian cultural dance, martial arts, and the Ayurvedic and Siddha systems on medicine (http://shadowyoga.com/).  Taoist Yoga uses a blend of yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation (www.http://goldenmonkeyhealing.com/taoist.html).  Qi Gong also focuses on your internal power cultivated by the alignment and the coordination of the whole body (http://goldenmonkeyhealing.com/qigong.html).

Cindi has also studied Bikram Yoga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Reiki, and Thai Massage.