Cindi Lee Yoga


CL Yoga helps people manage stress and prevent dis-ease through life’s rollercoasters. Clients are empowered to move the body, clear the mind and trust themselves to live their own unique life path.

How Our Team Can Help You
Clients learn techniques of Hatha Yoga, diet and unbiased scientific research as primary intervention tools. It is important to do what is effective, efficient and mindful. There are no quick fixes. Like all aspects of life, optimal wellness is a process. Quite often, our health challenges are preventable and reversible. We are here to guide, support and educate you so the path is less bumpy.

Off line, we offer weekly corporate yoga, group classes and privates in the Los Angeles area. We also teach workshops and international yoga retreats. There is a special kind of synergy that takes place, wether in a group or private session, that only happens in person.

Digitally, its convenient for people from around the world to engage in online health ed courses, yoga cleanse workshops and weekly yoga videos. The information in our online offerings is informative, easy to digest AND not readily available.

*The systems we teach treat the whole body to become strong, vibrant and supple AND for the mind to be calm and centered*

Wether you work with CL Yoga in person or offline, the community is an all inclusive, supportive and safe environment. We are here to help you evolve to your human potential.  You will be challenged, however we take pride in not being reckless. We are reverential about what we do AND we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

About Cindi
Cindi has been practicing the art of Hatha Yoga for 20 years. Since 2007, she has been studying with Zhander Remete, the Founder of Shadow Yoga.

While delving deeper into Shadow Yoga, it was a natural progression for Cindi to extensively study other modalities of healing including nutrition, Thai Massage and Reiki.

Coming from a family whose experienced health issues ranging from fibroids, debilitating back pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, obesity, and depression, it became clear to Cindi that her mission was to assist people in preventative and wellness care.

Where did the teaching begin? First on herself in a theater movement class back in college. One of her teachers introduced yoga asanas (poses) as a way move more freely on stage. She continued practicing yoga when she moved to LA in 1999! Years later, in 2007, during 6 weeks of jury duty Cindi began teaching yoga poses to her fellow jurors on their breaks. After a few days the results and smiles started rolling in. At this time she took her first yoga teacher training and was immediately drawn to Shadow Yoga.

Realizing yoga was her true passion; she became a full time yoga instructor teaching at various studios including Blackdog Yoga Studio and Yoga at The Village.  Cindi expanded her teachings to some of Hollywood’s elite actors and production companies, such as DreamWorks and Ideal Living Management.  Today Cindi also leads special yoga events, workshops, private sessions, and International Yoga Retreats.  Her classes are fundynamic, and transformative.

Cindi continues to investigate, practice and study the teachings of Zhander Remete, Dr. Sananda Ananda Maynard, Dr. Pam Popper and nature.

CL and team are here to be of service. Everything we offer, wether its free or you invest, is to help break you open, not break you down, for the journey ahead. The world needs people who are willing to work on themselves in order to progress humanity in their own unique way.



Cindi’s weekly yoga practice consists of Shadow Yoga and Taoist Yoga.  Shadow Yoga reflects common principles found in yoga, Indian cultural dance, martial arts, and the Ayurvedic and Siddha systems on medicine. Taoist Yoga uses a blend of yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation.

Also certified in Diet & Lifestyle Intervention Course and Women’s Health Course from Wellness Forum Health.

Cindi previously studied Bikram Yoga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Reiki, and Thai Massage.