Corporate Yoga


On Site Corporate Yoga is a program where Cindi Lee comes to your place of business and teach yoga classes!  It is convenient and healing.  All we need is an open space to move freely. Companies have yoga class in conference rooms, gyms, or outside in the fresh air.  Yoga is great to practice in the morning before work, midday, and after work.  Corporate yoga is for all ages and all levels of experience.

Benefits of Cindi Lee’s CORPORATE YOGA

  • Yoga movements help productivity by decreasing and releasing stress, tension and anxiety
  • Yoga exercises relieve pain from back, neck, shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, and  alleviate headaches
  • Yoga poses rejuvenate yet relax your mind and body from the hectic corporate lifestyle
  • Yoga enhances alertness and mental clarity, people often feel energized after class
  • Yoga improves physical stamina and resistance to illness, resulting in less sick days.
  • Yoga classes build camaraderie of co-workers who work together and who work in different departments
  • Yoga improves communication, listening, and interpersonal relationship skills
  • Yoga improves breathing and blood circulation, which results in a healthy immune system

Yoga class conveniently fits into your schedule, choose what works best for your employees: morning before work, noon to have a break in day, or evening after work to wind down.

Current Clients of Cindi Lee Yoga’s Corporate Yoga Program
Dreamworks SKG INC, Glendale, CA
Ideal Living Management, Sherman Oaks, CA

What other Corporations offer on-site yoga?
Nike, HBO, PepsiCo, GE, IBM, Microsoft, and Yahoo

Join the wave of top corporations investing in their employees physical and mental health.  Providing yoga for your employees is a win win!

Interested in bringing Corporate Yoga to your Work Place?
Please contact Cindi Lee
Phone: 818 -472- 6317

"Cindi Lee has been the Yoga Instructor at DreamWorks since 2008.  Cindi has a wonderful ability to teach individually in a group setting!  The employees really appreciate having a yoga class on campus during lunch hour.  This allows them to take a much need break without leaving work and they return to work refreshed!"
Michele Davis, Manager Benefits DWA

"We decided to offer lunchtime yoga classes twice a week as part of our employee wellness program. We are lucky to have brought in Cindi to be our teacher. She is outstanding. Cindi has the gift of being able to guide and inspire her students, whether they are complete beginners or have years of yoga experience. Her clear and specific instructions help students of all fitness levels  get the maximum benefit from each pose. She has helped our people overcome injuries and counter the "slumped over computers for hours" aches and pains.   Our employees come out of her class energized, balanced, and ready to dive back into the workplace challenges.  I highly recommend Cindi!"
Katie Williams, President Ideal Living