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What Cindi’s Yoga student’s love about working with her!

Cindi Lee is one of my favorite yoga instructors and as the owner of Via Yoga (a luxury yoga retreat company) I have the opportunity to work with many talented instructors.  Physically her classes are fun and challenging for all levels, from the beginner to a seasoned yogi and on a deeper level Cindi is able to create a space for people to delve inward to whatever degree they feel comfortable.  During our Mexico retreats she helps students connect with themselves through connecting to the local culture.  As a student of Cindi’s I walk away from her classes feeling open physically and mentally to what the universe has in store for me.”

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Suzie Cavassa


“After following a practice led by Cindi, I always feel a great release of physical and mental stress.   I feel taller and no longer have the shoulder and back pain that can build from too much time at a desk.  Mentally,  I find myself  more centered and ready to take on the next round of life’s challenges.”

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Mike Comfort


When I started my yoga practice, the only teacher I ever took was Cindi Lee. She had a relaxed teaching style and created a comfortable atmosphere in her class. It was a welcoming, pleasant experience for a newcomer like me.

As my practice grew, I began to branch out with more advanced classes. But Cindi’s mixed level class remained valuable and useful. She has the unique ability to address the needs of a newer student and still offer a challenge to the more experienced ones.

I know that no matter how much my practice grows, I will always be able to take Cindi’s class and learn something new.”

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Gregory Tung


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Cindi for almost 7 years. Not only has she helped me develop a more serious yoga practice and become more confident in my physical body, she has encouraged me to find a personal peace and tranquility within my own spirt through my yoga practice. She has unique and special gifts that allow her sessions to transcend the typical yoga class. She is truly a beautiful, uplifting soul and I treasure my time with her.”

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Amie Satchu

“Cindi’s classes move at a conscious, deliberate pace, allowing space for one to more thoroughly feel their way through their practice. as a teacher of movement myself, i understand that this is the most beneficial way to move in terms of improving physical and psychological  awareness and strength on a holistic level. But don’t get me wrong, in Cindi’s class expect to move your body through a myriad of asanas and transitions, many of which you won’t find in 90% of the hatha yoga classes being offered out there. after class i feel agile, youthful, grounded and more deeply connected to my body. Cindi herself is very approachable and receptive, and the sound of her voice goes straight to your heart.”

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Taisha Paggett


“I love taking yoga with Cindi because she was completely in tune with where I was as a yogi. She helped push me when I needed to be pushed and encouraged me to slow down when the time was right. Her energy is refreshing and genuine. I highly recommend Cindi Lee to anyone interested in furthering their practice no matter what level.”

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Robin Shapiro


For the past four year years I have been studying Yoga with Cindi twice a week. While 2 hours a week have may seem to be a small amount of time, the effect has been astounding. As a marathon runner, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my strength, and general well being. I can attest that with Cindi’s teaching methodology I have noticed greater endurance, less stress related injuries, and an overall strengthening in my core which has made a profound impact. Her classes at Dreamworks are constantly full with students of all levels. She manages to make her classes challenging, yet welcoming for everyone which is a true testament to her abilities.”


Helen Saric