What clients are saying…

“My evening yoga class with Cindi is one of the highlights of my week... Cindi brings an enthusiasm and energy as well as considerable skill to yoga that motivates me to a degree that I would not attempt otherwise.  The physical practice of postures helps calm my mind and works out the physical kinks that come with hours of daily office work. After I practice yoga I am more patient, more calm, and I sleep better.”
Mike Shields

“Yoga at lunch?  What could be better?  I get to wear comfy clothes, I feel awesome afterwards, and the owie parts hurt less than they used to.”
Kathy Alteiri

“Cindi’s Yoga class is the 1st I’ve taken.  I’ve found her instruction both easy to follow and adaptive of what I can do as a non flexible guy!  The class is more than just breathing and stretching, it’s more of an overall workout.  Classes are fun and low stress!”
Michael Ware

"Cindi Lee has been the Yoga Instructor at DreamWorks since 2008.  Cindi has a wonderful ability to teach individually in a group setting!  The employees really appreciate having a yoga class on campus during lunch hour.  This allows them to take a much need break without leaving work and they return to work refreshed!"
Michele Davis, Manager Benefits DWA

"We decided to offer lunchtime yoga classes twice a week as part of our employee wellness program. We are lucky to have brought in Cindi to be our teacher. She is outstanding. Cindi has the gift of being able to guide and inspire her students, whether they are complete beginners or have years of yoga experience. Her clear and specific instructions help students of all fitness levels  get the maximum benefit from each pose. She has helped our people overcome injuries and counter the "slumped over computers for hours" aches and pains.   Our employees come out of her class energized, balanced, and ready to dive back into the workplace challenges.  I highly recommend Cindi!"
Katie Williams, President Ideal Living

“The Geo Yoga Cleanse is greater than the sum of its parts- its not just yoga, not just cleansing the physical body.  It is like pushing a spiritual, mental, and physical “reset” button for your life.”
Kathy Norris

“The Geo Yoga cleanse was such a great experience due to the wisdom and positive energy of Keya and Cindi. They’re an amazing duo of healing and empowerment through nutrition and exercise. I wholly recommend it to anyone new or experienced at cleansing.”
Gina Kowerko

“Thank you Cindi and Keya for the wonderful Geo Yoga Cleanse.  I could have heard the worst news in the world and it would have just rolled right off my back, like water off a duck’s back.  I actually feel back to my old self which is very nice.  I do feel lighter and leaner–always a good thing.”
Susan Dasso

“I have been sports minded all my life and have always enjoyed working out. When I took Cindi Lee’s class a whole new level of mind/body awareness was suddenly gifted to me, and an appreciation for spine twisting that left me feeling lithe and invincible. What a great physical experience, I was hooked! Cindi gently cajoles my body into positions I never fathomed I could get into. I feel safe with her, I trust her, and I’m grateful to have finally found out what all the hubbub is about.”
Elise Azaria Lane

“I have found a yoga instructor who certainly makes me feel about two decades younger, both in body and soul. Cindi is a kind, caring, enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable, and beyond funny instructor.  Whether your practice is that of a beginner, a seasoned yogi practitioner, you can not and will not go wrong by having Cindi as your instructor. I truly believe that without Cindi as my main yoga teacher, I would of quit my practice not long after I started. And to that I say, Namaste!”
Craig Tufeld

“I’ve practiced yoga for a few years now, but working with Cindi really helped me become more centered in my practice, specific in my poses and alignment and most importantly, she really helped me open my hips!  Thanks Cindi."
Regina Hall

“Cindi Lee’s teaching style is only matched by her intuitiveness to her client’s abilities. Her energy is infectious and before you know it, she’ll have converted you to the amazing benefits yoga has to offer. I worked with Cindi two months leading up to a maker surgery, after which my recovery was cut in half. I am convinced that Cindi’s instruction was responsible. She makes yoga fun.”
Craig Ellis

“One of the highlights of 2011 was a week retreat hosted by Cindi Lee through Via Yoga in Sayulita Mexico.  Not only were the accommodations lovely but the practice was fantastic.  Each class was unique, fresh, fun, and a personal challenge.  With so many different levels of students, Cindi was able to create a practice that all of us could benefit from.  I was working hard internally and emotionally I was enjoying the work.  My practice felt like a moving meditation.”
Shannon Phillips, Los Angeles

“I got a chance to learn from Cindi at a Via Yoga retreat in April 2011. She was a wonderful teacher!  Patient, kind, and understanding but also knew when to challenge you or let you find your own way. We did everything from meditation to Shadow yoga, and she was always extremely knowledgeable about our practice.  Too bad she lives all the way in LA and I am in Chicago!”
Brett Tyler, Chicago