Classes & Events

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    Small group classes. Attention is focused on each student’s individual needs in a supportive group setting. Join us and set the tone for your day.
    Location: Private Location in Valley Village, CA. Please contact Cindi,

    When: Wednesday Mornings 7:05-8:05a

    Includes: 1hr class + 30 minutes NEW yoga videos created every week to help your practice improve while you are not in class!

    $20 per single session
    $90 for 5 sessions
    $150 for 10 sessions

  • Shadow Yoga Workshop

    Shadow Yoga’s Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam prelude works on coordinating the lower limbs to their core through intricate hand and footwork. It develops skills in forward bending using fluid spiraling movements to help gain power in the legs and move it through the waist and inner organs. Narrow, tight stances and deep squats help free the pelvis and access the shins and feet while developing proper balance and integration. It brings the practitioner inward with exhalation emphasis, preparing the body for seated asanas.
    Benefits of Shadow Yoga include:
    • Builds Bone Strength
    • Improves Coordination
    • Builds Internal Heat
    • Clearns Physical & Energetic Blocks

    Women's Health Course

    You will learn treatment AND prevention of the health challenges that deprive modern women of living a fulfilled life.

    We Will Explore:

    • Women's health, including treatment and prevention of: cervical dysplasia, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and menopause.
    • Food and its affect on menstruation
    • Links between hormone production, diet, lifestyle choices and body composition.
    • Keys to a healthy pregnancy
    • Decrease the risk of breast cancer
    • Pros and cons of breast cancer screening
    • Prevent and reduce symptoms of menopause
    • Risks of HRT and bio-identical hormones
    • Build and maintain strong bones

    It's a tele class, all you need is a phone.  Women from around the world participate!


    6:00 - 8:00 PT

    Teleconference, all you need is a phone!

    Course Includes:
    Four 2- Hour Classes Lively Discussion Interaction Workbook

    Early Bird Bonus!
    *3 forty five minute yoga
    videos for women *1hr Health Consolation

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    Cindi Lee is inspired to help students manage their stress, recover from injury and support their bodies in functioning at optimal levels. Techniques of yoga, Thai Massage and Reiki are used depending on needs of the client. Please contact Cindi for more info to discuss your specific needs. Online sessions also avail! Every body is different, lets pinpoint what will work best for you.